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We offer space for online banner ads on our website and 100% FREE banner creation service

Online advertising is an essential element for your business. Attract the attention of every visitor on our Sellfreenow website, increase your brand recognition and generate more traffic to your landing page with our free banner creation service.

Free banner creation?

We provide free banner creation service. You pay only for banner placement. We make sure that every pixel of your static or animated banner is used properly, and our designs are always of high quality. With professional color match, the right symmetry, your audience will feel compelled to click your ad.

Contact us and provide some information about your business, tell us where do you want to place your banner and what size. We will create and place banner for you.


If you already have banner, send it to us with specifications listed below:

    • Banners must be supplied to our webmaster in either GIF, PNG or JPG format.
    • Maximum size: 3 mb
    • Animation limit: 25 seconds



*Advertisers must provide the web address (URL) to which they want their banner ad linked. Please note that only one URL will be accepted.


Banner Advertising rates and placement

Plazma Banner

Banner “Plazma” (B1)

For each of your objectives we offer a banner in the different size and placement.

The “Plazma” Banner (B1) is our premium banner format. The size 1140×165 pixels insures that your advertising message is visible to everyone. “Plazma” banner is located on the top of the home page and the price per month is only 15 euros (+ free creation service).

Banners “Ears” (B71-B77)

Our medium rectangle banners – “Ears” (B71-B77) are displayed on the right side bar on each page. This guarantees the attention of our users. With dimensions 325×125 pixels and only 5 euros per month (+ free creation service) these banners provide considerable creative scope for communicating your advertising message.

Ears banners Sellfreenow

Banners “Finders” (B6,B9)

The “Finders” (B6,B9) banners are displayed across the top and bottom of the page, in the search result. This placement with size 728×90 pixels insures that user attention is attracted to your advertising. The price is 10 euros per month (+ free creation service).

Banner “Sticker” (B2)

The “Sticker” (B2) banner is displayed under each advertisement on all pages. This banner with size 728×90 pixels insures great visibility to all users. The price is 10 euros per month (+ free creation service).

Banner Name Size Placement Price
Plazma Banner (B1) 1140×165 pixels Home Page Header 15 Eur/Month
Sticker Banner (B2) 728×90 Under all Ads 10 Eur/Month
Finder Banner (B6,B9) 728×90 Top/Bot Search Page 10 Eur/Month
Ear Banner (B71-B77) 325×125 Right Side Bar 5 Eur/Month




We offer 30% discount, for placing banner more than 3 months.
Place banner for 12 months and get 5 months free.