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Top 5 tips on selling a used car in 2018

Top 5 tips on selling a used car in 2018

Is it difficult to sell your old car?

To sell an old car is not complicated as it seems from beginning. All you need is a little research and organization, this will make your selling procedure easy and you will get the most profit possible.

Use these simple 5 steps to help you along the way:

1. Value Your Car properly
2. Gather necessary paperwork
3. Make car looking it’s best
4. Find good place to advertise
5. Finish your sale.


Value your car

Ensure you are realistic about the price you put on your car. Make some research and find out exactly how much your car costs. If your price is high, explain why, maybe because you have some rare accessories?

You can visit couple resources, sites like Craigslist or Offer up to check out the prices:

1. Craiglist
2. Olx
3. Gumtree
3. Offer up
4. Sellfreenow

If you find out that your car is not worth as much as you thought, then consider it for exchange at a dealership 🙂


Gather necessary paperwork

Every seller must have their car manual, service records, logbook, technical passport and warranty (if the car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty).
If you recently bought new car parts, better to have receipts, this will increase chance to sell.


Make car looking best

When you meet with people to show your car, the first couple minutes will make up their minds to buy or not. It’s based on first look at your car. If you do not want to lose buyer, then you need to give your car ideal look.
Always make sure it looks clean from outside and inside (wash and vacuum properly), put some tempting smell inside.
If you are lazy or do not have time, then there is only one way – get your car to carwash. Auto washes can act naturally serve, completely computerized, or full-benefit with orderlies who wash the vehicle.


Find good place to advertise

When your car is ready to go, time to advertise. The best way is to advertise it online. Online classified ads is the best way to sell, most of them have free service and wide range of countries. For online advertising you have to prepare 10-15 good photos.
On our website you can sell your car for free. You can make your ad featured and even enable auction function. You can register your account here and put your money into the pocket.
What about other markets?
Websites like, e-bay classifieds will help you also to sell your car. Make sure if you use classified ad, be ready always to answer calls and messages. Be positive and always negotiate the price.
Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ is also important. Prepare great looking post with description and start posting it, and ask your friends to share.
Speak with your friends, co-workers, tell everyone that you sell a car.


Finish your sale.

In every country motor vehicles sale rules are different. Before sale make sure to check your department of motor vehicles in your country or check rules online.
If sale is agreed, then time to finalize paperwork and hand over the keys. Provide all necessary documents: car manual, service records, logbook, technical passport, warranty and additional transfer paperwork.
Don’t forget to contact insurance company to cancel current policy or to transfer it to your new car.


When all things done properly, selling used car can turn out very good win. Always be positive, do your best and your old car or any other thing can be a good profitable win. 🙂